Why Polytechnic Diploma in Engineering is better than B Tech Degree

Importance of Diploma Courses

Have you Completed 10th Class? It’s time to make a smart decision, which you take to achieve your goal as early as possible. Minimum Qualification of Engineering Diplomas is 10th Class. If you choose to join, you save 2 years of 11th & 12th Class. On the other hand, if you plan to go for B. Tech You will have to be remaining in school till 12th class.

Lateral Entry in B. Tech.

After completing the Diploma there is the provision to take the Lateral admission directly in the second year B. Tech. Once again you saved one Year of B. Tech. You can compare these 2 tables if you plan directly the B. Tech you will have to spend 16 years. After 16 Years you will be having an only degree. But through the above-mentioned method, you can have a degree & Diploma Both in 16 Years. I suggest you must choose this pathway as a gateway to B. Tech.   

The orientation of Studies in Diploma

in the Polytechnics their Syllabus is designed to train them practically because Junior Engineers are the persons who are going to supervise the projects find out the problems and their solutions. The success of any Project from any field depends on them.


Job Opportunity

Anywhere you can think, Need of Diploma Holders is there All Government Departments like Railways, NTPC, PWD, Electricity Department, Irrigation, BSNL Etc & All Private Company, Factories Recruit the Diploma Holders. There is a Government Order that posts of Diploma holder will be filled by the Candidate who is Diploma Holders.


Employers Give preference to Diploma holder

Where ever the posts of B. Tech holder is vacant & Employer gives 1st Priority to that candidate who is B. Tech + Diploma. Because the Combination of this is more effective Salary of Diploma holder candidate is less (At the time of Starting or as a Fresher) so en employer wishes to keep the Diploma holder as an employee, always and even in the time of recession too.

This Blog is Written By Mr. Ashish Singh (SIMT, Managing Director)